Devotional Art Week 2: Stupid Pea by Ellen

There once was a Princess and a Pea,
and the Princess and the Pea
floated along
on a lovely river

called The Void.

And then one day the Princess was oh so bored
(as Princesses can sometimes be)

and she shouted at the Pea.

And the Pea
and trembled
and trembled

because the Princess had never shouted at it before,

and it
trembled so hard it split open
and it
and it

sent the Princess tumbling.

Oh No!
Oh No!
Oh No!
cried the Princess
as Everything inside the Pea came
and falling
and falling

out of the Pea,

and the Princess
and ran
and ran,

picking Everything up as she went,

and She
and tried
and tried
to stuff Everything back into the Pea,

but the Pea was no more,

And the Princess wailed,

“Oh, what a mess.”

“Stupid Pea.”

The Beginning

Devotional Art Week 1: Not me – Not my reflection by M.A. Rivera

Urban ascetic with a flair for the dramatic. I was instructed to avoid my reflection – no mirrors, no mirrors, no mirrors! I chose not to merely cover the mirrors or, worse, break and bash them to pieces. No, too good for that. (Asceticism doesn’t have to be dull after all!) I took things, I bought cheap things and made of all the mirrors works, you might say, of art. So, now, when I look at the mirrors I see a person with blonde hair and odd big lashes or a hole where a mouth or heart should be (one even has a tail). These things are not me – not my reflection. They are the mirror people who, I fear, will one day come to life as they say. A serious problem to be sure but not my problem. No. The purple fire comes and consumes me, dipping me in the continuum of obliteration. Someone else will have to clean up the mess as they always do because, let’s face it, mystics are messy. They’ll have to contend with these things and all the while I will echo in their brains: They’re not me – not my reflection.

Devotional Art Week 1: Pareidolia by Rebecca Lynn Scott

The face in the mirror is not mine.
It stretches, elongates
The eyes broaden
The cheeks hollow
The teeth file down to points.
You watch, reminding yourself that
They’ve done studies on it
Science knows what it is
But investigating it
Doesn’t necessarily explain it and

Doesn’t make it go away…

And the face in the mirror is not yours

And the face in the mirror is not mine

But the face in the mask is.